Why business no longer trusts the Tories

The Conservative party used to be the party of business. This was obvious.  It preached low taxes and minimal regulation (perhaps too low and too minimal for some), and it was also the fiscally responsible party reluctant to let the government spend more than its income, and intent on providing a...

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Save the Green Belt in Longridge

Speaking after his fact-finding guided tour of the Longridge/Downs Greenbelt by leading campaigner John Finnan, Jonathan said:  

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Question Time and the BBC

Three days on from the BBC Question Time ‘Special’, it has become increasingly clear that there was a lack of journalistic rigour and integrity with the whole programme.

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The Challenges facing farming in Cheshire

One of the most hotly-argued set of issues, relating to Brexit, has been the potential impact on farming of either staying in, or leaving the EU. In order to be properly informed, Jonathan took the opportunity to visit a local beef farm and listen to the concerns of the farmer, whose family has b...

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Lindow Moss and Rescuing the planet

At this moment of huge risk for the planet due to climate change, and guided by local experts and activists, who are keen to realise the full potential of the Moss to educate and inform the next generations, Jonathan went on a fact-finding visit to this remarkable landscape in our midst.

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Jonathan Smith

Jonathan Smith is the Liberal Democrats' Candidate for Tatton

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