Safeguarding children on mid Cheshire line trains

Responding to concerns expressed by parents and rail users at a recent meeting of the Mid-Cheshire Rail-Users Association, Jonathan and his team went to see for themselves what the concerns were regarding large numbers of school children using the two-carriage train service between Knutsford and ...

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Bus shelter repairs

Town Councillor Birgitta Hoffman has been pressing Cheshire East over the vandalised bus shelters

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Tatton Voted Remain

It's a matter of historical record.

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Jonathan and the NHS

Jonathan Smith, Liberal Democrat Candidate for Tatton, attended a public meeting of the East Cheshire NHS Trust Board this week. As a former NHS Chief Executive himself, Jonathan said that he wanted to really listen and learn, from those with direct responsibility for services, about the major ch...

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Jonathan slams Tory inconsistency on the climate emergency

Jonathan says "Two reports this week have shown us all with what disdain the Conservative Government is treating the climate emergency."

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Jonathan Smith

Jonathan Smith is the Liberal Democrats' Candidate for Tatton

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