4 years on

Four years of Brexit


It was 4 years ago this week, when 37% of those eligible to vote decided that we should leave the EU.

They yearned for a “global Britain”, yet rejected “globalisation”.

They wanted to “take back control”, yet were prepared to abandon trade with equal partners in favour of one with Trump’s USA.

They feared the impact of immigration, yet have clapped BAME carers on Thursday evenings.

They felt that Britain was “exceptional” in its services and competence, but have discovered quite the opposite is true when faced with a pandemic.

They hoped that the Brexit vote would heal a divided country, but have realised that our racial, economic and political divisions are greater than ever.

Now, our Government is risking a double whammy: a No Deal Brexit on top of the economic earthquake that is the Coronavirus pandemic, hoping that the impact of the first will be swallowed up by the second.

To top it all, when our Brexit Government wants to gain more influence across the globe, it closes down the one Department which focuses on international development and well-being.

This is beyond shameful.

Jonathan Smith,

Tatton Liberal Democrats

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