"Election - bring it on!" say Tatton Lib Dems

Jonathan Smith and Tatton Lib Dems welcome the General Election on December 12th

Tatton Liberal Democrats are ready and eager for the General Election on December 12th.

Jonathan Smith, their candidate,  says that he relishes the prospect of putting the Liberal Democrat position on Brexit, on Climate Change, on the NHS, and on how to restore the public's trust in politics, to the people and voters of Tatton.

Jonathan says "Boris Johnson: an old Etonian, with no idea of how ordinary people live, with his arrogance and trashing of our democratic traditions, and with a so-called 'Brexit deal' that will harm the least fortunate and lead to the break-up of the United Kingdom, has nothing useful to offer the people of Tatton. If we cannot trust him, how can we trust his closest supporters and allies, of whom our local MP is most certainly one."

We can stop Brexit. It's been tried and failed. It's time to move on. The Brexit on offer today is nothing like the Brexit that was promised to the voters in the Referendum campaign, so there's no reason to accept it. The British public can say - through this election and perhaps through a further referendum - that now they've seen the real Brexit, as opposed to the fantasy Brexit, they've changed their minds.

To stop Brexit, we need to get Boris out of office.

We've got the chance to do that on December 12th

Bring it on!


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