Abused for being French

The appalling and depressing revelations of misogynistic, racist, and homophobic language being freely used at one of the Met Police’s major stations should come as no surprise. In relation to her leadership role and responsibilities, they have  led to the departure of the Met Commissioner from her post.

However, they reflect and echo a lot of the attitudes and views we hear in our everyday lives, on social media, and in some of newspapers. Police men and women are, after all, simply ‘one of us’.

  • If the Brexit vote was won – as it clearly was – on the back of people’s wish to keep immigrants out
  • if the Government plans to break international maritime law by turning back desperate migrants at sea
  • if many Afghan refugees are kept in demeaning, poverty-stricken limbo for weeks

what does it say about our overall feelings towards foreigners and others, whom we see as different from us?

Perhaps most shocking of all was a report this week that a 7-year-old, white (as it so happens) rugby league supporter of Catalan Dragons, was apparently abused by some St. Helens supporters for being French.

What on earth have we come to?

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