Blocked gullies? Call the Lib Dems!

The recent rain has produced a lot of puddles. Big puddles! 

Birgitta Hoffman investigating one of the puddles produced by the wet weather. This is just one of many!  

After a few phone calls, the workmen from the council came out and cleared it.

For residents these are a nuisance at best, at worst a serious inconvenience. You don't have to put up with them and wait for the fine weather to return. It's the council's responsibility to fix them.

Of course you can get on to Cheshire East council  yourself - but it helps to know who to call, and what information they want, and what sort of response to expect.   Birgitta, Damian and Oliver have got that expertise.

So if you live in Wilmslow and have problems with puddles - or street lamps, or missing street names - call the Liberal Democrat Town Councillors and we'll sort it.



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