Brexit Bonanza for scammers

Everyone should keep alert to recent widespread scams, which feature emails purporting to come from one of the main postal or delivery companies, and which ask for money for import duties allegedly required to ‘free for delivery’ items sent from countries in Europe.

Many people are being taken in by these scams.

The trouble is, some of these emails will be genuine, because, post-Brexit, import VAT is chargeable on most items purchased from European sellers. The scammers are taking full advantage of the public’s lack of awareness of how, not only is cross-channel trading being made more complicated and expensive for businesses, it is also affecting all of us, individually.

For example, for those with close family living in the EU, what, before 31st December, was straightforward, is no longer; even when it comes to sending or receiving birthday gifts.

So, beware the scammers, but understand the expensive impact of having left the Customs Union.

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