Cheshire can do better

Cheshire East Council have expressed a commitment to provide help to those suddenly up-rooted from their lives and livelihoods by the capitulation of their government and army to the ruthless, totalitarian and misogynist Taliban.

It is no less than our humanitarian duty to do this, especially for those who joined with the forces of tolerance and modernism to transform Afghanistan over the past 20 years. Despite the rise of anti-immigrant sentiment in the UK in recent years, it is very welcome and re-assuring to see the hand of friendship being extended to the victims of persecution and war, as we have done many times in the past.

But it is dismaying to learn that our local Council is planning to offer permanent homes to just 5 families. Even if these newcomers numbered 30 souls in total, with a population of just over 380,000 this would add just 0.01 % to those living here.

Surely we can do much, much better than this. We urge our Cheshire East Councillors to demonstrate more generosity, more compassion.

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