Cheshire Schools show caution

Cheshire East  and West are being sensible and cautious about school re-opening



A recent BBC report  has established that both Cheshire councils are among those not advising schools to re-start some classes from 1st June.

Liberal Democrats have hailed this as common sense. Of course everyone - parents, teachers, and even the pupils - wants schools to re-open, but not before it's safe. Safe not just for the children and the school staff, but for the children's families when they get home.







As Layla Moran, the Liberal Democrat education spokeperson said recently

"I’m keenly aware that every day schools remain shut, the disadvantage gap widens, and the students who need the most from teachers and support staff are being left behind. More than this, it’s the most vulnerable children I’m most worried about. Are they eating? Are they safe? There’s more to think about than learning.  So, I want schools to open. But it has to be safe for them to open: for children, for staff and for our wider society."

It's true that schools have re-opened in, for example, Denmark. But there are big differences. Denmark has a much lower rate of infection than the UK - they have tens of new cases per day while we have thousands. Also the details of their re-opening scheme was worked out by teachers and government working together on the basis of public scientific advice - not imposed from the top for political reasons.  

So full marks to Cheshire East and to Cheshire West & Chester for listening to the experts and not putting our teachers, our children and their families at risk. Let's hope the government can learn from them.


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