Compassion for refugees


(Image Credit: Pakkin Leung)

We would like to congratulate the Knutsford Guardian's "Fly in the Ointment" on their article this week (Ukraine crisis: 'Lack of action over helping refugees disgusts me' - 28th. February).

It is about time that those of us who wish our country to return to a compassionate, generous attitude towards those fleeing persecution, war and destitution – wherever they come from in the world – speak up, and challenge the views of the current Home Secretary; especially, when it seems that her Cabinet colleagues haven’t the courage to do so themselves.

I am sure that the people of Cheshire are overwhelmingly sympathetic to the plight of the women and children fleeing the Russian missiles and brutality in Ukraine.

Let us urge our Government to join the countries of Europe and show ourselves to be better than the protectionist, fearful nation that we appear to have become.


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