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The Covid19 crisis is bringing out the best in us, as well as the worst.

Despite the hoarding and panic buying leading to empty shelves in local supermarkets, the crisis is also bringing the community together, to support each other and look after the vulnerable. 

For instance, Birgitta Hoffman and other town councillors have set up a local Wilmslow newsletter to act as an information source for what's going on locally to help us manage the crisis,  from ideas for keeping boredom at bay to initiatives to provide help for those that need it. If you live in Wilmslow (or even if you don't) then have a look.

Oliver Romain has set up a #ViralKindness Wilmslow Group on NextDoor app and worked with a retired GP to connect local health centres and community nurses with volunteers through the app with aim of supporting the vulnerable. Its very popular and has been widely welcomed. In the last three days the group has gained over 120 members and is being used as a communications focal point for efforts to help vulnerable and self isolating. It has inspired a #ViralKindness Alderley Edge Group to be set up too.  (40-50 percent of households are signed up to Nextdoor and it is used by many folk who are not active on Facebook). This group is providing hampers to those in need, a combination of donated and paid for hampers subject to circumstances. Thank you to everyone involved, it’s heartwarming to see so much community spirit in such testing times. 

Also the national Lib Dem party, urged on by Ed Davey, is redeploying its campaigning strength from the cancelled local elections to supporting communities through the outbreak. As part of this we've produced a national website of resources,  which includes a very long list of local action groups.  That includes the #weareknutsford support group which is already very active, and planning to do lots more.

As a local organisation we will be doing what we can to help everyone in Tatton get through the next few months, without worrying about narrow political labels. We'll be busy -  with our own initiatives and supporting other groups.   But we won't be knocking on any doorsteps for a while, obviously! 






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