Council Tax rises for Cheshire East

Smoke and Mirrors

Residents of Cheshire East face a rise in Council Tax of 4.99%, which is 5.5 times the current rate of inflation.


This is very bad news for families struggling to cope with the impact of the pandemic and Brexit.  Council tax takes more, proportionately, from those less well-off.

There is a worrying story of voter betrayal behind these figures: a former Conservative administration, which kept Council tax irresponsibly low for political reasons; a current Government, whose December announcement of  a reduction in money for Cheshire East leaves the Council with £1.3m less to spend on services, and which has left the Council with a COVID-19 bill of £13m to pay back; and a Labour/Independent Council, which is assuming savings from ‘high risk’ changes, and which has supported a major cut in Mental Health and Early Help Services.

All this is neither honest, nor fair.

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