Is Esther McVey backing Dominic Cummings?

Tatton Liberal Democrats call for local MP Esther McVey to condemn Dominic Cummings for blatantly breaking lockdown

Some Tory  ministers and backbench MPs have made excuses for Dominic Cummings' repeated disregard of the lockdown instructions.

Others have broken ranks and said how angry their constituents are at seeing the rules they obeyed, often at considerable emotional cost, ignored by the man largely responsible for them. 

Where does our MP stand on this? She's been very quiet!   So we have sent her the following letter -

Dear Esther McVey,

During the recent General Election, Tatton Liberal Democrats placed “Restore trust in politics” at the centre of our campaign.

Nothing damages the public’s faith in their politicians more than seeing and hearing their political leaders trying to explain away behaviour - by themselves or those working closely with them – which they have “instructed” the population as a whole to avoid.

This reeks of hypocrisy, exceptionalism, and elitism; the absence of humility and integrity. Never before than during this unprecedented public health crisis have we needed everyone to trust those in No.10 and the Cabinet more. People’s lives depend on it."

I hope you agree that the people of Tatton need to know where you, their MP, stand on the these serious and fundamental issues.

I would urge you to make clear your views on restoring trust in politics.


Jonathan Smith, Tatton Liberal Democrats

If we get a reply we'll post it here.






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