Jonathan asks: Is this government competent?

The Competence Test for Government

If, during this week, many families across Cheshire have felt confused, let-down, and angry, who could blame them? Not me

They should not believe the excuse that no-one saw the new variant coming: that is simply utter rubbish. The endemic incompetence, the absence of any kind of serious planning, and the lamentable chaotic communications are nothing to do with the inevitable mutating of the virus.

They have everything to do with a Government, which has no idea of what leadership means, and has lost the trust of its people. The complete reversal, within 24 hours, of the policy on schools is both breath-taking, and, yet, par for the course.

My own view is that four things now need to happen, urgently:

  • the formation of a national government, drawn from the best talents across all political parties
  • the placing of Head Teachers, Directors of Public Health, and others, at the centre of decision-making
  • an emergency tax contribution from those who can afford it
  • a comprehensive, informed, plan for each potential pandemic scenario we may still face

Jonathan Smith

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