Levelling Down

Tatton residents and voters will find it hard to support their MP’s stance on UK Foreign Aid.

People across the Constituency are generally compassionate, thoughtful, and generous.

Why would this outward-looking attitude disappear when it comes to sharing a small fraction of this country’s wealth with those across the world far less fortunate than ourselves?

The law requires that, out of every £100 of public finances, we should spend 70p on foreign aid. Not much, but it represents an honourable stance, which has drawn respect from world leaders, and which has enhanced the UK’s “soft power” abroad.

Now, Esther McVey MP has become a cheer-leader for those who would strip large sums away from even this meagre pot, in the midst of a global pandemic, and at the very time when her Government is extolling “global Britain”. This is simply wrong, unjust and despicable politics.

Liberal Democrats are fighting for the 0.7% commitment to be re-instated immediately. There is no justification for “levelling up” within our own country, whilst at the same time as “levelling down” the developing world

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