Lib Dems win Chesham & Amersham

We're delighted that our Lib Dem colleagues in Chesham and Amersham have won their by-election. The Blue Wall is crumbling!

It was tipped as "a close result", but our candidate Sarah Green smashed through, beating a previously safe 16,223 vote Tory majority by a massive 8,028 vote margin, with a 25% swing.

Traditional Tory voters were fed up with Boris, with Brexit, and with the messed-up handling of Covid. They were worried that the new planning laws will destroy the countryside, and were cross about lack of consultation on the HS2 route.

Sounds familiar?  Yes, the constituency is very like Tatton, with the same demographics.  It also voted Remain in the referendum. 

The Green and Labour votes shrank to almost nothing, as constituents realised they would be wasted and 'lent' their votes to the Lib Dems. We're grateful for this, and will not take them for granted.  

Thanks should also go to Dominic Cummings, whose revelations doubtless persuaded a few hundred Tory voters that they'd had enough.  





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