Lindow Moss and Rescuing the planet

At this moment of huge risk for the planet due to climate change, and guided by local experts and activists, who are keen to realise the full potential of the Moss to educate and inform the next generations, Jonathan went on a fact-finding visit to this remarkable landscape in our midst.

Jonathan, and campaign colleague Birgitta Hoffmann, met John Handley of Transition Wilmslow on the Moss. John’s passion for the area’s unique cultural history has been so instrumental in drawing attention to the need to protect this fragile environmental gem. John was able to brief Jonathan on the background to how the Moss got to its current state, on what are the difficult and controversial issues to do with protecting its legacy, and the vision that many local people have about the future. During the visit, they also met up with other scientists, who are researching the Moss’ rich environmental archaeology.

Jonathan came away from the visit both informed and inspired: “We have, in this world-renowned site here in Wilmslow, a precious landscape, which has so much more potential to help fight the climate emergency, link together research and study into peat bog environments, and attract young and old to learn about the cultural history of this area. There could hardly be a more opportune and critical moment to see whether we can get people together to create a new information and study hub, together with an innovative visitors’ centre.”

Jonathan added that he and Birgitta will work with others to reach out to those groups and interested individuals willing to explore these ideas.

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