More delays for Macclesfield

Jonathan has news on the latest developments in restoring maternity services at Macclesfield Hospital - and it's more delays 

He writes

"I attended the recent, virtual Board meeting of East Cheshire NHS Trust, in order to find answers to why the suspension of birthing services at Macclesfield Hospital seems certain to over-run yet another promised target date for resumption."

"It is clear, from what I heard, and from the Chief Executive Officer’s answer to my question, that the Board is rightly concerned that these vital, local health services are unlikely to be started again until Christmas; fully 21 months after they were stopped. "

"It was also clear that the pressure on the Board is growing: there were three of us as members of the public who had submitted questions to the Board – all about maternity services; it was reported that, far from bookings at Macclesfield reducing since the suspension, they have, in fact, stayed at pre-COVID levels; although the feedback on the quality of care at other hospitals has been good, many families have complained about how far they have to travel; and the Trust’s midwifery staff were reported as becoming increasingly frustrated at the whole situation. "

"Whilst the Trust is facing very challenging times, and they have many competing priorities, the Liberal Democrats will continue to make the case, loudly and openly, on behalf of families across Cheshire, that the return of birthing services to Macclesfield Hospital should take precedence."

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