A Lesson In Leadership

Jonathan Smith comments on the remarkable service of the Queen and the Jubilee Celebrations - "We will all have different reflections on what the Queen’s remarkable 70 years on the throne mean to us and the country. Much has been said, rightly in my view, about her commitment to duty and public service. For me, though, the most enduring feature of her leadership has been the way she has never seemed to put herself above her role and the institution she represents. In an age when the notion of leadership has appeared to have been reduced to merely a study in celebrity and self, her example should act as the test we apply to all those in leadership positions now, or who aspire to be our leaders in the future."

Trading Losses

As my wife and I drove away from the port of Dover, on the way back home from a family visit to France, we were struck by the sheer self-destructive absurdity of what one of the great trading nations of the world was doing to its economic life-blood: trade. We passed about a mile of stationary HGVs, waiting on the other carriageway to access the port, before reaching the beginning of what is known as the “M20 barrier

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Farming woes

Jonathan Smith was talking recently to a retired Cheshire farmer, who did not have much good to say about how Government policies and actions are impacting on farming.

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Inequality Needs Solutions. says Jonathan Smith

Three recent reports  have brought home the reality for many people across Cheshire of what “inequality” means, day-to-day, hour-by-hour. We have heard about:

  • 1 in 9 children living in poverty
  • the extent of dependency on food banks
  • the numbers of children in need now eligible for free school meals.
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Our Democracy in Crisis

Just when it didn’t seem possible that this Government could trash the reputation of politicians any further, along comes “Partygate”, and the shameful spectacle of our Prime Minister and Chancellor being found guilty of breaking their own laws, of repeatedly lying to Parliament, and of attempting to excuse their immoral, cowardly behaviour.

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Pensioners forgotten

It sometimes seems that the last people to be given priority by politicians and businesses are pensioners.

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NHS in Crisis

The signs that our local NHS is under massive strain are growing. Whilst we are constantly told that the NHS is ‘open for business’, clearly that is not the whole story.

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Compassion for refugees


(Image Credit: Pakkin Leung)

We would like to congratulate the Knutsford Guardian's "Fly in the Ointment" on their article this week (Ukraine crisis: 'Lack of action over helping refugees disgusts me' - 28th. February).

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Abused for being French

The appalling and depressing revelations of misogynistic, racist, and homophobic language being freely used at one of the Met Police’s major stations should come as no surprise. In relation to her leadership role and responsibilities, they have  led to the departure of the Met Commissioner from her post.

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What does our MP have to say?

Esther McVey - GB News presenter and sometime MP for Tatton - is not normally slow in telling us what she thinks. So is she going to give us her views on Partygate and the Sue Gray report?

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