Oliver tackling parking problems

Oliver Romain has been discussing parking problems in Wilmslow with the local Police Liaison officers

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Wilmslow Town Council opens up on Twitter

When newly-elected Lib-Dem Town Councillor Oliver Romain looked at the Wilmslow Town Council twitter feed, he was amazed.

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Congratulations to Birgitta Hoffman and Oliver Romain - new Lib Dem Town Councillors for Wilmslow West

Birgitta Hoffman and Oliver Romain have been elected to Wilmslow Town Council, for Wilmslow West 

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Congratulations to Damian Carr - new Lib Dem Town Councillor for Lacey Green

Damian Carr has been elected to Wilmslow Town Council, for Lacey Green

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Local Election Results!

Although the vote closes at 10 pm on Thursday, the results for Cheshire East weren't available till sometime on Friday afternoon. They're given below.  

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Candidates for Europe

On the 23rd May - vote Liberal Democrat to stop Brexit.


Here are our candidates for the North West

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Our Candidates

Local elections are on the 2nd of May for Cheshire East and for Town and Parish Councils. Liberal Democrats candidates are standing in Chelford, Handforth, Knutsford, Lacey Green and Wilmslow West. Details are below

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Lib Dems Plan Local Election Campaign

Tatton Liberal Democrats plan to stand in the majority of Cheshire East wards in the upcoming local elections.  Further details will be announced shortly.

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Lib Dems oppose fracking

Fracking site


Liberal Democrats have re-affirmed their opposition to fracking!

The North West regional conference, held recently in Manchester, passed a motion condemning the industry for drilling into the Bowland Shale, which is rich in toxic heavy metals.  Liberal democrats will oppose the exploration and development licenses, which are due to be renewed in many areas of Manchester, Cheshire and Lancashire over the next few  weeks.

Instead of opening up another  source of fossil fuel, they point out the untapped potential of geothermal heat from flooded coal mines, and from photovoltaic canopies that could easily be installed over ground-level car parks, like the ones at Manchester airport - or even  in Knutsford.

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