BBC under attack

The BBC needs our support now, more than ever before, says Jonathan Smith

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Johnson is losing the Farmers

Farmer's Weekly reports that support for the Conservatives is crumbling, with the Liberal Democrats being the main gainers.

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The costs of Brexit

"When one of our most successful Cheshire businessmen savages the Brexit deal done by Boris Johnson, it confirms what others have been saying with increasing concern, and underlines our need to take note", says Jonathan Smith.

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Lockdown: the experts are not 'fanatics'

In a further demonstration of just how out-of-touch our Tatton MP, Esther McVey, is with public opinion and concerns, she was quoted this week in the Sun saying that people shouldn’t be cowed by "scaremongering by the lockdown fanatics" - says Jonathan Smith

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Goodwill for some

Goodwill for Some - warns Jonathan Smith


This is the season of “goodwill to all men (and women)”, a time when all our festive and religious traditions have a focus on the joys and responsibilities of shared humanity. So, for our Government to choose this very moment to announce steps to undermine and weaken human rights legislation is both cynical and deeply worrying.

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There is a local link

Sometimes an image - usually a photo - is so shocking, so disturbing, that it takes your breath away. This is one.

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Social Care Confusion


In response to the latest proposals for the funding of social care, it seems – from personal contacts and national surveys – that the most frequent comment is: “I really don’t know what it will all mean, for my relatives, or for me”, says Jonathan Smith


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Macclesfield Birth Services still under threat

  Maternity and family services at Macclesfield Hospital   are under threat, warns Jonathan Smith.

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Jonathan Smith has issued a press statement.  Here's the full version:

The messages from COP26 are clear and demand action, not just fine words. There is no time to waste for radical change in the way we go about our lives, and in the impact we have on the environment around us. Our leaders need to have the courage to do things differently, to re-write the 'rule book'. All of us need to support the challenging agenda set by the Glasgow Conference. 

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Nanny state?

"Nanny State"?

Esther McVey MP, in a recent article in the Knutsford Guardian,  derides the role of government in protecting and supporting its people at a time of unprecedented crisis.

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