Elections May 2021 - results

Knutsford Town Council - Bexton:  Ros Hobson received 394 votes, just behind the Conservative candidate with 422

Knutsford Town Council - Nether: Bill Tegner received 162 votes, but the seat was won by the Independent with 379. The Tory received 319

Cheshire Police and Crime Commissioner: Jo Conchie received 14.47 % of the 1st preference vote. This was behind the Tory and Labour candidates, but well ahead of the Reform (Brexit)  party.

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Tearing families apart

Many families across Cheshire have close relatives living in Europe. There are many strong personal links between our county and the Continent.

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Moral Cowardice

Never in my lifetime did I expect to see our country allow its government to plan to slash its contribution to the funding of UNICEF, and by a huge 60%.

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May Elections

The Liberal Democrat Candidates in Tatton have chosen candidates for the elections on May 6th. For details just click on the 'Campaigns' panel to the right.

Jonathan attacks Tory sleaze

Jonathan Smith is supporting calls for action over the Greensill affair

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Brexit Bonanza for scammers

Everyone should keep alert to recent widespread scams, which feature emails purporting to come from one of the main postal or delivery companies, and which ask for money for import duties allegedly required to ‘free for delivery’ items sent from countries in Europe.

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"Greed", says Johnson


Johnson told MPs at the 1922 Committee on March 23rd: "The reason we have the vaccine success is because of capitalism, because of greed my friends."

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Cheshire East - recycling rate falls

Cheshire East is recycling less rubbish - but the council doesn't seem to care.

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Jonathan Smith calls for vigilance on Macclesfield Maternity Services

Jonathan Smith has issued a press statement on Maternity Services at Macclesfield Hospita


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Council Tax rises for Cheshire East

Smoke and Mirrors

Residents of Cheshire East face a rise in Council Tax of 4.99%, which is 5.5 times the current rate of inflation.

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