Jonathan in so.cheshire

Nice piece about our candidate in the online magazine  so.cheshire

Tatton Lib Dems welcome fracking ban

The government has done the right thing by banning fracking.

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Vote Tactically - Vote Lib Dem


The pro EU group Best For Britain is suggesting voting Lib Dem in Tatton.

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"Election - bring it on!" say Tatton Lib Dems

Jonathan Smith and Tatton Lib Dems welcome the General Election on December 12th

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Tatton at the People's Vote march

Jonathan Smith and other Tatton Liberal Democrats were down in London for the People's vote March on Saturday

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The Art of Brexit

Something a bit different. Brexit in pictures - the topic proved inspiring for one of our members.

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Jonathan Smith for Tatton

Tatton Liberal Democrats have chosen Jonathan Smith as their candidate

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Brecon and Radnor demand better than Brexit

Tatton Liberal Democrats are celebrating the by-election victory over the border in Brecon and Radnor. Another nail in the coffin for Boris Johnson's Brexit plans.

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Blocked gullies? Call the Lib Dems!

The recent rain has produced a lot of puddles. Big puddles! 

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Congratulations to Jo Swinson!


Jo Swinson is the new leader of the Liberal Democrats.
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