Petition launched against risking second wave

Oliver Romain, a Liberal Democrat Town councillor in Wilmslow, has launched a petition to "Slow down easing of COVID19 lockdown restrictions and save lives"

The U.K. currently has one of the worst COVID19 death rates in the world - hundreds are dying every day. Yet, despite this, the Government is racing ahead with easing the lockdown restrictions that are aimed at reducing the spread of COVID19.

Easing lockdown too early risks a second, much larger wave of infections and may result in many thousands of tragic additional deaths and an even longer pandemic.

The NHS is not coping, many thousands of people are left waiting for life saving treatment and diagnosis of non COVID19 conditions. Easing lockdown prematurely will result in more cases and even more pressure on the beleaguered NHS. Many more people will die prematurely from both COVID19 and other conditions than necessary.

Cases of COVID19 remain high and the government’s own current assessment is that COVID19 risk is ‘high’. The government is ignoring scientific advice and evidence by accelerating the easing of lockdown restrictions prematurely. 

This is clearly a political decision, aimed at deflecting attention away from the Prime Minister's poor handling of the Dominic Cummings debacle. 

It is wholly unacceptable for people’s lives to be put at risk in an attempt to protect an elite minority from political embarrassment. There is too much at stake to allow small Cabal of elite politicians to use lockdown measures as a political tool to extend their own careers.

We demand that the easing of lockdown is slowed and full scientific analysis of the risk to public health of both COVID19 and other conditions is published before any further easing is announced or implemented.


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