Police and Crime Commisioner

Jo Conchie is the Liberal Democrat candidate in the forthcoming election for the Cheshire Police and Crime commisioner

On May 6th there will be an election for the Police and Crime Commissioner. It should have been held last year but was postponed due to Covid.

The commissioner has overall responsibility for policing in the whole of Cheshire. They set the budget and appoint (and can dismiss) the Chief Constable. They're not involved in day-to-day operational matters, but they do set overall priorities - very important in these days of stretched resources. They provide the means for local residents to say what the police ought to be concentrating on (and how much they're prepared to pay for it).   It's not an ideal system - we in the Lib Dems think this would be done better through local councils and councillors - but it's what we've got and we should make the best of it and ensure that our Commissioner listens and responds to our needs and concerns.

Jo lives in Winsford. She has an academic background in law, and now works as a TV documentary producer.  She has worked alongside the police on projects that focus on communities, employment, education, local businesses, housing, benefits, neighbour disputes, parenting, disability, mental health issues, anti-social behaviour, police work, and transport & infrastructure. 

Voting uses a preferential system - you give your first and second choice of the candidates, and if there is no outright winner from the first choices, the weakest candidates are eliminated and their second votes used. It's quite simple, and means you don't have to worry about "wasting your vote".



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