Politicising the Civil Service

The propulsion into the extremely important post of National Security Adviser of Boris Johnson’s very own ‘Mr Brexit’, David Frost, without apparently any advertising, interview, or due process, is both cynical and dangerous.

Jonathan Smith writes:

As a former, senior, local ‘civil servant’, proud and respectful of the long-standing tradition in this country of an independent and impartial civil service, I am deeply concerned about the latest, and most worrying, example yet of the Conservative Government’s determination to replace senior civil servants with their own political apparatchik.

This is the classic action of Boris’ closest aide. Not content with allowing Dominic Cummings to utterly mismanage the country’s response to COVID-19, the Prime Minister is now letting him loose on wrecking the one body, which has given the British system of government genuine world-wide respect, namely the national civil service.

The justification, it seems, is that we are copying Trump – not a beacon of sound, effective, political leadership!


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