Questions about the vaccination scheme

"Answers Needed" says Jonathan



Amidst the natural relief and euphoria about the roll-out of the vaccination programme, a few critical questions need urgent answers, says Jonathan Smith.


Why are we hearing of people, who are not in the top four priorities, getting the vaccine – will they be counted in the figures?

After just one dose, how protected are we going to be, and what risks do we still pose to others?

It is tempting to think that, after one dose, we will have been “vaccinated”, and that life can get back to normal; but can it?

As some people do gain full protection after their two doses, are they still going to have to abide by all the restrictions, in case they might be carriers?

What proof will we all need as to our vaccination status?

And, lastly, when the country is in the grip of the most dangerous phase of the pandemic, why do some of our representatives still want restrictions lifted “sooner rather than later”?

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