Racism - another commission is not the answer

Racism: the Moment of Truth

Jonathan Smith writes...

 There is no doubt that the events of recent days have got us all thinking and talking about racism, maybe as never before:

  • the failure to publish a key report on the impact of the pandemic on some minorities
  • the Black Lives Matter protests
  • the 3-year anniversary of the Grenfell disaster.

They have exposed, once again, that, even in a mature democracy, with independent institutions of policing and justice, profound divisions and injustices are just beneath society’s surface.

This is a grave and defining moment for our nation. We are well past the time for yet more avoidance and delay; another Commission is an insulting waste of time.

The responsibility is no-one else’s but ours. Our political leaders are asking the black and minority ethnic communities to be patient. Their response, and mine, is: “Oh no: not again!”.


Jonathan Smith

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