Local Election Results!

Although the vote closes at 10 pm on Thursday, the results for Cheshire East weren't available till sometime on Friday afternoon. They're given below.  

It was a brilliant set of results nationally, and good results locally. Not enough to get any of our candidates elected, but in the Tory stronghold of Tatton that's hardly surprising. For a party that was written off, this is the come-back and we're part of it.



Conservative * 646
Ann Barlow (Liberal Democrat) 330
Independent 270



Independent* 1297
Ratepayers* 1086
Ratepayers 918
Conservative 595
Chris Fortune (Liberal Democrat) 383



Conservative * 1310
Independent * 1290
Conservative * 1243
Conservative 1174
Green 917
Chris Wetherell (Liberal Democrat) 912
Labour 848
Independent 830


Lacey Green

Conservative* 544
Labour 408
Damian Carr (Liberal Democrat) 318


Wilmslow West and Chorley

Residents of Wilmslow* 1758
Residents of Wilmslow* 1470
Conservative 819
Conservative 819
Birgitta Hoffmann (Liberal Democrat) 532
Oliver Romain (Liberal Democrat) 445


* = Elected



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