Save the Green Belt in Longridge

Speaking after his fact-finding guided tour of the Longridge/Downs Greenbelt by leading campaigner John Finnan, Jonathan said:


“I am appalled by the idea that, here in 2019, there is likely to be a formal planning application submitted before Christmas to put 225 houses on what has, for decades, been an environmental haven for local people and their families, and teeming with wildlife.

"At a time when politicians are promising to finally take seriously the impending climate emergency, and to plant thousands more trees, why ‘on earth’ – literally – would we want to tarmac and concrete over such a green and pleasant place. Not only would it deprive the large local community of this re-wilded leisure resource, but it would risk causing major disruption to the local eco-system and to water absorption and dispersal.

"I suspect that the powers that be have taken local people for granted, assuming that they don’t care. They have badly underestimated local feeling on this issue, and the impact of activists like John.”

Jonathan went on to promise that ” The Liberal Democrats will remain completely opposed to this damaging and unnecessary development, and work with others to ensure that it doesn’t happen.”

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