Silence speaks volumes

On 24th. May, I wrote to our local M.P., Esther McVey, asking her what she would do to restore the public’s trust in politics. This was in the aftermath of the ‘Dominic Cummings’ scandal.

12 weeks later, I am still waiting for a response, and there have been further reasons for growing cynicism about the integrity and competence of her Government:

  • huge under-reporting of virus-related deaths
  • widely-criticised test, track and trace system
  • multiple u-turns
  • unenforceable quarantine arrangements
  • complete chaos over exam results.

Above all, there have been the endemic cronyism and corruption, giving millions of pounds of contracts to the private sector without tender, and highlighted most recently by the under-hand appointment of Baroness Harding to a high profile and highly-paid new role in Government

Where does the local MP stand on all these issues? If she remains loyal to Boris and Dominic, how does she justify this to her constituents? If she distances herself from the chaos, incompetence, and corruption, when will she have the courage to come out publicly and say so? 

We urgently need to know.

Jonathan Smith


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