Slavery by any name

If the Prime Minister has his way, and enough Conservative MPs support him, it won’t be long before we see what he describes as “chain gangs” on the streets, and in the communities of Cheshire.

No, this is not the 1920s in the deep south of the USA: this is 2021 England! 

Jonathan Smith says:

"Chain gangs have been described by many commentators and historians as ‘slavery by any other name’. I assume that Boris’s gangs will not actually be chained together, but clearly the sentiment behind this policy is designed to be reminiscent of the public humiliation punishments once common in America.

The words used are deliberate and shocking.

However, what shocks me even more than the announcement itself is the almost complete lack of public outrage and limited media commentary, in response to it. Despite the high profile anti-racism campaigns over recent months, and the apparent condemnation from all parts of society for some of the most despicable racists abuse directed at footballers and celebrities, it seems that we all just don’t care enough.

Perhaps we are so used to showman Boris, that we have become immune to the immorality and discrimination that underpin what he stands for."

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