Social Media - Antisocial Behaviour?

There is much about the way the the large social media companies do business, avoid paying tax, and manipulate the younger generations, which is unacceptable.

However, they are a convenient scapegoat when society wants to avoid facing some harsh realities.



In recent weeks, there has been a deluge of reports revealing just how endemic is the appalling on-line abuse – even death threats – meted out to prominent sports, political, and media personalities.

This is the tip of the iceberg: many social media users experience such attacks.

The public discussion in the last few days has been focused only on what the companies should do: there is no shortage of ideas. However, the companies do not generate the hateful material: people do.

Shouldn’t we be asking ourselves: what has led to so many feeling that dishing out on-line abuse is both acceptable and satisfying; and whether our political leaders are stoking the fires of resentment and disharmony, rather than promoting the values of respect, tolerance, and common humanity? 


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