Tatton MP votes for COVID

News that our Tatton MP has voted against a national lockdown this week should come as no surprise to anyone.

She has remained stubbornly loyal to Boris Johnson’s Government throughout the pandemic crisis, despite its demonstrable incompetence. Now, just when we need to stand together as a nation, she starts playing politics with people’s lives.

Such a vote is irresponsible, hypocritical and arrogant:

  • irresponsible, because most of the credible, scientific opinion in the UK has, for many weeks, been urging the Government to take this action;
  • hypocritical, because Esther prides herself on being the advocate for working people, the very people whose lives would be most at risk were we all to simply “go about our daily lives” as she recommends;
  • arrogant, because recent national surveys show that she is badly out-of-step with public opinion.

The Liberal Democrats support a national lockdown, and urge that the time is used to finally put in place an effective and comprehensive test, track, and trace system.

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