Tearing families apart

Many families across Cheshire have close relatives living in Europe. There are many strong personal links between our county and the Continent.

So my heart goes out to all those who have been prevented by the pandemic from seeing loved ones for months, sometimes years.

Like my own family, they will have been in despair that the issue of visiting families is virtually never mentioned by the media or politicians: only “holidays” seem to matter.

Now, the reality of Brexit is piling on extra misery and frustration, as reports are increasing of relatives living in the EU who are having to face the stress and uncertainty of applying for residency, simply to stay where they have settled.

Worse still, some are having their applications turned down.

Trade, the economy, security and culture have all been compromised by Boris’ Brexit Deal. Now come the personal costs: families kept apart, or up-rooted; lives unnecessarily blighted.

Jonathan Smith: Tatton Liberal Democrats

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