The Result

So the Liberal Democrats did well in Tatton - though not well enough to win

So we got 15.7% of the vote. It's a shame we didn't win - though in Tatton that's hardly a surprise. It's a depressing fact that even if all the other 3 parties had voted tactically for a single candidate, the Conservatives would still have won.

But it establishes us as a significant force in the constituency. It moves us up from our 9.0% vote in 2017, (and 8.5% the time before). That's an increase of 6.7%.

Part of that (about 4%) may be the national swing, but the rest of it is due to the campaign. Jonathan was an excellent candidate and worked very hard getting round the constituency, knocking on lots of doors and talking to many people. We put out large numbers of high quality leaflets. We ran very active social media campaigns on the various platforms. It was the best Lib Dem campaign I've ever seen in Tatton (and I've seen several).

Nationally the picture looks depressing. We got more votes but fewer seats. 

But we've lost elections before now. And we're still here. There will be more elections in the months and years ahead. We have a team and an organisation and a membership in place to fight them. That's the biggest legacy from this election, and we'll build on it.

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