We've made up our mind about Dominic Cummings

We've sent a letter to the Prime Minister about the behaviour of Dominic Cummings:

Dear Prime Minister,
Thank you, Prime Minister, for inviting us all to 'make up our own minds' about your closest and most influential adviser.
I have done so: he is a self-serving, arrogant hypocrite, whose continued presence at No. 10 is besmirching the very institution of Government. What is more, he has demonstrated a massive failure of judgement, which bodes ill for the quality and credibility of his advice to you.
So, how is it that he remains in his job? The answer can only be that you are, indeed, unfit to hold the highest office in the land. You have betrayed your people for the sake of one man, and your own political hubris.
No Conservative MP can, with any conscience, continue to give you their loyalty and support. Some are brave enough to follow their consciences: why have others not followed?
Jonathan Smith, 
Tatton Liberal Democrats




One letter isn't going to make him change his mind - but Cummings' outrageous behaviour,  riding roughshod through the rules which the rest of us were doing our best to obey (in some cases with considerable personal sacrifice) must be called out by the British public as unacceptable.  

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