What's happened to our British values?

We used to be proud of “British values”. Our country used to stand for fairness, togetherness, and decency. But not for this government. 


For Johnson and Co., the “British values”, that we fought two world wars to protect, are no more than a mere memory.

They've given us:

  • Burgeoning corruption at the heart of government, but pandemic laws that require the rest of us to follow the rules
  • No extra money to feed our poorest children, but huge extra sums for the military
  • Slashing foreign aid, but £21 million of tax-payer’s money given to a jeweller middle-man
  • Demonising loyal civil servants, but protecting a bullying minister
  • Freezing public sector pay, but allowing billionaires to make a fortune out of COVID

How can they call themselves "conservative" when they ignore the very values that made Britain great?

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