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Damian Carr


Damian has lived in Wilmslow since 2010. He has a wealth of experience in supporting vulnerable people and tackling issues such as Crime, Homelessness and anti-social behaviour. With a real passion for community development and the voluntary sector he has worked with many Charities in several prisons, the Probation Service, on the streets of Manchester with people who are rough-sleeping and a variety of other projects. He has recently founded the MancSpirit Charity www.mancspirit.com which harnesses creativity and the Arts to improve mental health and wellbeing.

Using his skills and experience, Damian wants to encourage more community activity in Wilmslow, he can assist groups in setting up, establishing their legal structure, project development and accessing funding – if anyone in the area has an idea for a community group, get in touch with Damian and he’ll help you to get it up and running!

He is also determined to encourage participation in improving Wilmslow but he can’t do this without your help – if you want to make Wilmslow safer, more inclusive and a more caring place he’s eager to set up neighbourhood groups, especially in Lacey Green where he lives.

Elected to the Town Council in 2019, he serves on the Community and Order Committee.

Email him at [email protected] or phone 07876 505802


Birgitta Hoffman

Birgitta has lived in Wilmslow since 1997. An archaeologist and adult education lecturer, she founded MANCENT, the Manchester Centre for continuing education, 10 years ago.

Through her involvement in Wilmslow Community Archaeology and other local charities and events, she saw the strong community spirit of the town and how the business community supports it, both in events and in day to day life. She aims, through the Town Council, to strengthen this and keep Wilmslow a vibrant town.

Elected to the Town Council in 2019, she serves on the Finance Committee.

Email her her as [email protected] or  phone 07399 259927. She can also be contacted  on facebook   directly or on the Wilmslow hub.


Oliver Romain


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