Wilmslow Town Council opens up on Twitter

When newly-elected Lib-Dem Town Councillor Oliver Romain looked at the Wilmslow Town Council twitter feed, he was amazed.

The Town Council twitter feed was restricted. In order to see what their council was saying, Wilmslow residents had to be screened and accepted. Furthermore if they saw something interesting and wanted to re-tweet it, they couldn't.

Such restrictions are very rare - and pretty pointless. Nothing on Twitter is private. What sort of sensitive information could the Town Council possibly be protecting? Could they be trying to avoid dissent??

The account has over 2000 followers, which is pretty good, but if all these had to be approved that's a lot of work for someone.

However after Oliver pointed out the restriction, the account was rapidly made public. Wilmslow residents - and others - can follow @WilmslowTC and re-tweet the messages. 

Welcome to the 21st century!

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